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A quick note about Direct Mail

The 2023 State of Direct Mail study showed that 75% of consumers read insurance direct mail and/or save it to read later.

Direct mail is a relevant and effective way to get your message into someone’s home. Of course, the key to being relevant is mailing the right message to the right people at the right time.

Agents who want to spend their marketing dollars wisely need to remember that statistic. In the world of marketing, direct mail provides the highest ROI of any channel. Of course you’ll want to incorporate other channels into your marketing strategy. We all know that response increases exponentially when prospects receive an offer via multiple marketing channels. That means if you’re mailing, consider emailing, texting or telemarketing to the same group.

There is so much information to share with you. At Dataman Group Direct, we’re not just interested in selling you a marketing list. We want you to be successful with it. That’s why we offer lots of opportunities and tools for insurance agents to improve their skills.

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