Almost 10 percent of the population moves each year. Our New Mover mailing lists let you keep pace with this constantly moving market.

Nearly 31 million Americans moved in 2019.

New Movers are ideal prospects for many offers. These include home furnishings and appliances as well as home improvement services. Businesses that sell long-distance telephone service, credit cards, and banking and investment services also score with out New Movers list. New Movers are also great candidates for newspaper and magazine subscriptions and for catalogers seeking to combat list attrition.

New Movers need to be contacted by dentist, churches, hospitals and medical professionals looking to reach the unaffiliated. If your business is a restaurants, retail store or service provider, our New Movers mailing list provides you with brand new records to supplement your data.

Weekly & Monthly Hotline service are available.

Prices start at $35.00 per week or $60.00 per month.


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Estimated Household income
  • Distance of Move (different zip, SCF, state)
  • Dwelling Change Type Indicate – moved from one type of DU to another  **brand new
  • Long Distance New Movers (50+ miles)
  • Scrubbed telephone #s
  • Presence of Children in Household

New options on our New Mover mailing list includes Presence of Children in household. While this is not comprehensive, it lets Pediatricians, Pediatric dentists, churches & community centers focus on this key market group.

More than 1,200,000 consumer moves are compiled each month. This makes our New Mover file the largest of its kind. We also offer awesome selectability on the file. This includes in and out of market moves as well as long distance moves. We consider a long distance moves to be 50+ miles.

Our New Movers mailing list is generated by combining a variety of data. This includes deed records, change of address and other public and proprietary sources. Hotline data is updated every week, with rolling 12 months of information maintained.

Same day list or subscription service available via E-mail, or order online for immediate delivery. If you want an Avery-style label format, please call our office to order.

Customer Success story:

One of our customers is a local nail salon. This salon was a brand new business with no customers to start off with. They subscribed to our new mover mailing list, selecting new movers within a 5 mile radius from their location. We provided them with the list on avery-formatted mailing labels. This way they were able to print their own labels using clear stock. They printed up an inexpensive postcard. The receptionist peeled/stuck and mailed at first class. The offer was a FREE manicure. The phone started to ring and they booked their first customers the day the mailing hit. One year later, most of the original customers acquired from the new movers mailings are still weekly customers.

The lifetime value of this program was tremendous.


New trend for 2020:  Millennial New Movers.


BTW – If you want to see lots of information on population movement, migration, visit the US Census website.