Our Property Owners Database will Help You Hit a “Home” Run!

When you want to reach Homeowners with specific types of properties, our Property Owners Database is just what you need to succeed. This is your chance to reach all known homeowners in any given area. Or, you can narrow your focus, selecting from our unique real estate mailing lists. This way you can really fine-tune your marketing by using our established property owner list or new homeowner mailing list.

No other list lets you select swimming pool owners, homes by age, homes by current home value, type of heating or square footage. And, allows you to cross reference this unique property data with individual household demographics!

Some examples

  • Swimming pool owners with children under 5 years old  (perfect for swimming pool fence companies)
  • Homeowners, with homes of $300,000+up, built prior to 1990  (perfect for HVAC / reroofs)
  • Homeowners, age 65+, 50%+ equity in home  (great for reverse mortgage offers)

This is the only Home Owner list that will allow you to combine records from the tax file with recent home purchases, creating the most comprehensive list available. Our unique file gives you the ability to merge + de-dupe Homeowners in a given market, selecting Homeowners using Estimated Current Home Value from the Realty File and Home Purchase Price from the New Homeowner file.

Telemarketing data, email addresses and geo-fencing options are also available on the Property Owners / Realty Database.

A Property Owners Database to Meet Your Needs

If you have a particular product of service that would appeal to an established or new home owner, mailing lists from our huge, robust database won’t disappoint! We constantly refine our lists to ensure they’re as recent as possible. We know you want maximum response rate and maximum ROI, and it’s as important to us as it is to you.

See why leading companies nationwide use Dataman Group lists for all their direct marketing needs.


  • Mobile Home Owners
  • Dwelling type (condo vs. Single Family Home)
  • Building square footage
  • Assessed Value
  • Estimated Current Home Value
  • Year Built – Age of Home
  • Land square footage
  • Sale / Purchase Amount
  • Exterior Wall type
  • Sale / Purchase Date
  • Floor covering type
  • Presence of Fireplace
  • Heating type
  • Air Conditioning select
  • Septic Tank
  • Swimming Pool Owners 
  • Credit-worthiness


E-mailed to you within minutes

Let us know if you want your data specially formatted so you can print right onto avery-style labels – or as your own lead sheets.

* Ask us about the turn-around on our e-mail delivery!