Marketing Personal Umbrella Policies

March 2nd, 2017 by

I read a blog by Daina Kawchack-Smith in the Insurance Journal which outlines 4 tips for marketing Personal Umbrella policies. After reading her article I realize that insurance agents absolutely must market personal umbrella policies to new homeowners.

It is so true that New Homeowners have absolutely no idea that this kind of insurance policy protects them when home and auto aren’t enough. Many agents simply market homeowner and auto insurance policies and never mention the need for an umbrella policy.

As a marketer, I think insurance agents need to have an insurance product marketing tool box and there should be a special one dedicated to New Homeowners since they are the #1 – most responsive – prospect group for lead generation in the insurance industry.

Bottom line, insurance agents are making an investment when they buy a New Homeowner list. Even if an agent is spending $60.00 per month for their list, she should get the most they can out of the data.

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