Modern Insurance Marketing: Promoting Value and Targeting Triggers

August 25th, 2023 by

Since we’re moving into the Fall, which is typically a heavy insurance marketing period, I wanted to go over some important insurance marketing tips in this week’s blog. I call this promoting values and targeting triggers. After all, you want more leads in your agency, right?

Nowadays, insurance agents need to market their services by stressing their value even while insurers raise rates.

To be successful, agents will need to show their commitment to their customers. They do this by showing how they offer services and programs that make life easier, safer, more convenient and more affordable for consumers.

Make sure your marketing addresses these 4 things:

Stressing Value: The cost of insurance keeps rising and consumers wonder what they are getting for their money. This is a time to stress value if you want to keep customers with higher lifetime value. In this case, value isn’t about the dollars, but how you handle claims and how you can bundle discounts.  It’s your expertise that people are counting on.

Transparency: Agents need to show transparency in their marketing approach. In today’s dynamic insurance landscape, providing clear and open communication is paramount. Agents need to show that clients can trust them about policy details, coverage options, and any changes in rates. This allows them to navigate the evolving insurance market with confidence.

Always Available: As technology advances, agents need to stay connected with customers. This helps promote retention, offer convenience, and create fresh experiences. Your clients need to feel that they can reach you when they need to.

Great Customer Experience: Agents need to provide terrific customer service. Marketing needs to show how an agent is “looking out” for their customers. This can be done by providing a 24/7 phone number, loyalty rewards, personalized products and services, and an easy-to-use dashboard to pay bills.

Who Should Insurance Agents Target?

The top marketing lists for insurance agents include:

These are considered trigger lists. For example, the purchase of a home triggers many actions. People need insurance for their homes and auto. They will need health insurance. Many people have no agent to turn to in their new area. *What a terrific opportunity for insurance agents to grab a new client!

Trigger Lists Give Insurance Agents an Edge

The other reason these are such great list for insurance agents is that these are typically small quantities that are marketed to on an on-going basis. Think of your marketing budget. Would you rather mail to 400 new homeowner names a month and spread your marketing dollars over a period of time – or market/pay to reach to 5,000 all at once?

When you plan your marketing outreach on a consistent basis, using one of these trigger lists, you are pretty much guaranteed to do better. First, you are reaching people at a time when they are open to finding new professionals, products and services.  This is a highly responsive group that needs insurance services.

Next, you’re spreading the cost over a wider period of time, rather than all at once. This is way easier on your marketing budget.

Last, when you are consistently marketing out, you are consistently driving leads in. That means you have the ability to generate leads on an on-going basis, since you are marketing on an on-going basis.

We love new homeowners, anniversary homeowners (pulling the right time for their home/auto renewal) and turning 65-er lists all for that reason.