When Marketing to Ailment Sufferers Stress Necessity over Luxury

People’s buying habits can be broken out into luxury versus necessity.  We know that there are specific products and services that ailment sufferers have to have. Therefore, marketers need to focus their message on what is necessary for a quality life. Likewise, marketers need to stress the solution their product provides.

Additionally, when something is a necessity, you also can use a sense of urgency in your offer. Furthermore, incorporating a sense of urgency into your marketing will encourage response.


For example, a person with psoriasis or eczema can benefit from soft water. Therefore, they are great prospects for water quality dealers. Likewise, an individual with allergies or COPD needs air purification. Consequently, an HVAC company should target allergy sufferers with a spring duct cleaning offer.

Another example is arthritis sufferers. They are great prospects for physical therapy offers. Similarly, Diabetics are prime prospects for diabetic shoes.

In the same vein, Hair Clubs can target individuals with thinning hair. Likewise, eye doctors can market to people with glaucoma. Finally,  insurance agents can use this list to target hard-to-place prospects for selected health insurance plans.

The opportunities are endless

Additionally, we can further qualify your Ailment Sufferers list with age and income criteria. Therefore, we are fine-tuning your data with this extra level of targeting. Because of this additional targeting, you are saving from mailing to people who don’t meet your criteria. For that reason, you are saving marketing dollars and improve your ROI.

Above all, remember, it’s important to match your creative and offer to the list. As a result, this helps to provide a seamless marketing experience.

Even more – we can target the individual with the specific ailment OR select households where these ailments are present. As a result, this may increase the quantity of records you can market to.

Email addresses & Scrubbed Telephone Numbers

These may be available on your list. We are happy to run counts in our system and let you know what there is.

In conclusion, the Ailment Sufferers List lets you reach a very select group of people who need your services. Most noteworthy, you won’t find this type of data from any other list source.