The National Consumer Database is the largest, most comprehensive marketing database of it’s kind in the country.

This database is compiled from thousands of propriety sources. These include telephone directories, US census data and county realty records. Because of this, the NCDB represents a consumer library of information. It is perfect for high response direct mail, telemarketing and digital marketing use.

The National Consumer Database offers you  more than 2,600 selection options. This lets you pinpoint your prime prospects with remarkable precision. We have information on over 133 million households. This equates to over 240 million individuals!

You can segment your list by a wide range of demographics. These include age, income, religious & ethnic surname, home ownership, mail order responsiveness, and census data. Plus you can overlay the most widely-used segmentation tools to hone in on your prime prospects.

The NCDB is cleaned and updated continuously. There is no doubt that it is the most well-maintained data source available in the marketplace. This allows us to deliver the freshest, most accurate information in the industry.

Some Unique Market Segments carved out of the NCDB:

Every type of business can use the NCDB to successfully maximize their marketing efforts. Each list is custom designed based on your specific needs. There are thousands of options to allow businesses to fine-tune their marketing efforts. Consequently, you can reach the right group of prospects for your particular offer.


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