Our New Homeowners List has data on more than 4 million New Homeowners who buy homes each year.

New Homeowners are an amazing market segment who need a wide range of goods & services and will spend their dollars to get what they need. Even though they may be small in numbers, when it comes to lifetime value, there is no more profitable customer.

New homeowners purchase more products and services in the first six months after moving than an established resident spends in a two-year period.

According to a recent Scarborough USA+ Study, New Homeowners spent over $19 billion dollars on home improvements – ranging from furniture, appliance and electronic purchases to heavy remodeling projects. The latest study from the National Association of Home Builders  (NAHB) offers additional insight.

This is what New Homeowners spend $$ on

  • Services – 99% of new homeowners spend money on Services such as new doctors, new beauty salons, new dentist, new mechanic, new dry cleaner, etc. in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Furniture – 60% of new homeowners spend money on Furniture.
  • Window Coverings – 57% of new homeowners spend money on Window Coverings in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Electronics – 52% of new homeowners spend money on Electronics in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Kitchen appliances – 40% of new homeowners spend money on Appliances in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Bedding/Mattress – 33% of new homeowners spend money on Bedding/Mattresses in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Water Filters – 60% of new homeowners buy a water conditioner within a year of buying their new home.
  • Pest Control – 70% of new homeowners will buy a pest control contract in their first year
  • Landscaping – 51% of New Homeowners will have landscaping work done on their new home in the first year.
  • Do It Yourself – 49% of new homeowners made a purchase at Home Depot in their first year / 45% of new homeowners made a purchase at Lowes.

We’ve been working with businesses who market to New Homeowners since 1982, which means we really understand this market. New Homeowners can become loyal customers, generating a lifetime value far greater than the investment. A business that treats a New Homeowner right, can keep them for decades!

New Homeowners Also Need to Buy:

BBQ Grills Patio Furniture
Swimming Pool Service & Chemicals Landscape Service
Pool Service Pest Control & Termite Service
Custom Closets Solar Installations
Security Alarm Service & monitoring Insurance
Tax Preparation Church Membership

Garage organizers

Sources: ANA/DMA 2018 study, 2015 WQA Consumer Study, 2012 Scarborough USA+ Study, 2018 NAHB Report

Dataman Group’s List of New Homeowners is compiled from Warranty Title Deeds filed at the County Courthouse. Our homeowner lists are accurate and dependable and are updated on a weekly basis. Customers can order lists with telephone #s only or where they are available.

We offer non-duplicating weekly and monthly Subscriptions to our List of New Homeowners. New Homeowner Lists can also be selected by actual purchase date. This is your opportunity to reach new homeowners when they need to buy!

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  • Sale Amount of residence
  • Telephone availability
  • New vs. Resale transactions
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Note: Consumers who have listed themselves with the Federal Do Not Call Registry, the Direct Marketing Association Do Not Call list, or any of the other individual state Do Not Call lists, are flagged and omitted from the homeowner lists, allowing your clients to respect the privacy of consumers who have requested it.