Maximizing Your Reach: Why 75% of Consumers Value Insurance Direct Mail – A Game-Changer for Agents

October 25th, 2023 by

The 2023 State of Direct Mail study showed that 75% of consumers read insurance direct mail and/or save it to read later.

Agents who want to spend their marketing dollars wisely need to remember that statistic. In the world of marketing, direct mail provides the highest ROI of any channel.

Direct mail is a relevant and effective way to get your message into someone’s home. Of course, the key to being relevant is mailing the right message to the right people at the right time.

Marketing to the right people makes selling insurance easier

Agents who have taken insurance marketing training know they need to continuously reach out to get leads coming in. The more fine-tuned your market is, the better your response. That’s because you are targeting a specific group with a message that’s personalized for them.

The word personalized doesn’t just mean using their name. It means tailoring the message, the photo, even your picture to speak directly to them.

If you’re selling homeowner insurance, you want a list of homeowner expirations. If you’re selling supplemental Medicare or PDP insurance, you want a list of individuals turning 65. And, so forth.

Targeting the top insurance prospect groups

These are the most productive target lists for insurance agents. Trigger lists, such as new homeowners or turning 65-ers, are an agent’s most responsive groups. That’s because you are reaching them at a time when they need your services.

I could write for hours (literally) on these amazing marketing lists for insurance agents. No doubt you’ve heard of them before. However, if you want to learn more, there are links to each one above.

The Independent Agents Dilemma

How do you create a winning direct mail piece? Is it a letter in an envelope or a postcard? What insurance product are you selling?

There are a couple of rules of thumb. If it’s sensitive, it goes into an envelope. If you are trying to be broader and more cost-effective, go with a postcard.

Use your ChatGPT or Google Bard AI to help you draft a great letter. Mare sure you read it carefully. While AI can help you get started, it is not a substitute for your own voice, knowledge and intuition. It can give you some great verbiage to use but you need to “work it”. (BTW – it helped me draft the title for this blog). If you’re thinking to send out a postcard, myDMpostcards offers you lots of customizable options or you can simply upload your own.

Most Likely read formats in insurance direct mail

I got this information from the same report – 2023 The State of Direct Mail – consumer insights. It’s a great resource because it actually provides statistics and insights about insurance direct mail. If you want to get a copy, click on the link.

According to the report, this is how the people responded to different format mailers in insurance direct mail.

  • Letters and envelopes – 44%
  • Postcards – 32%
  • Brochures – 30%
  • Catalogs/Magazines – 15%

Whichever options you choose, remember to test-test-test. That’s the only way you will know whether a letter in an envelope or a postcard is more effective for you.

Remember, the purpose of your direct mail is not to try to sell someone an insurance policy. It’s to drive them to your website, have them look up your reviews, check out your brand or call your office for more information. It’s up to you to sell them.

The 4 Rs of Direct Mail Success

You all know that I am a big proponent of direct mail. That’s because it works. If you are consistent in your approach, direct mail will generate clicks to your website and calls to your office.

All you need to do is follow the 4 Rs

  • Reach the right people
  • At the Right time
  • With the Right message
  • Using the Right mail piece.