Who Uses Eco-Friendly Lists?

  • Water treatment companies providing in-home water purification. This way eco-friendly consumers can use their own filtered water. No need to continually purchase plastic water bottles.
  • Home improvement companies selling solar equipment, window tinting, bio-pure septic services.
  • Pest control companies promoting non-toxic, eco-friendly products.
  • Auto Dealerships – marketing hybrid vehicles. This is definitely a list for auto dealers looking to market EVs.
  • Retailers – selling bicycles, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, cotton + hemp clothing.
  • Travel Industry – promoting eco-friendly travel and Leed Certified hotel packages.
  • Non-profits – reaching out to like-minded individuals for affiliation and fund raising.
  • Financial marketers looking to promote eco-friendly stocks/financial opportunities.
  • Builders & developers selling eco-friendly homes.
  • Cleaning companies – promoting use of eco-friendly products.
  • Diaper Services looking to reach eco-sensitive new parents.
  • Cemeteries featuring Green Burials.

Our eco-friendly list overlays can be overlaid on any of our Consumer Files. This also includes our Property & Realty Database. By adding this key lifestyle to your list criteria, you can really make a difference in response.