Dataman Group provides Telemarketing Lists designed to make you money. We offer DNC scrubbed lists, depending on your industry and usage. It is your responsibility to be in compliance with all telemarketing rules & regulations. For any questions, please refer to the FTC website.

Landlines and Cell Phones

We offer both landline and cellphone lists. Our data is scrubbed against the DNC.

With telemarketing, businesses can reach out to these market groups:

Mortgage Holders Homeowners
New Homeowners New Parents
Ethnic Households X-Dates, Home or Auto Insurance
Home Improvement Prospects Families with Children
Donors/Non-Profit Prospects Investors
Credit Card Holders Women in the Household
Turning 65 Swimming Pool Owners

Our phone lists are scrubbed against Federal and State Do Not Call lists, so you can call with confidence. All Telemarketers need to be registered with the FTC and should familiarize themselves with TCPA rules.

In today’s new reality of Telemarketing, no matter how good the list, there will still be a percentage of disconnects on the file. With information updated monthly from white pages, regional Bell operating companies, a number of proprietary sources, and our special telephone activity date selector, we flush out as many disconnects as possible on our telemarketing lists. Good news – there are many new U-verse subscribers who got free land-lines with their TV service out there. Bad news – approximately 85% of Americans are on the Do Not Call list.

Business Telemarketing Lists

We offer business lists which you can select by area, category or number of employees. In B2B, telemarketing is considered the most responsive medium for lead generation. We also offer a New Business list which is compiled from Occupational Licenses and a weekly New Connect list which comes from the Telcos.

Most Telemarketing lists can be e-mailed to you within 2 hours of your order.

Ordering Online?

If you are going online to buy a list for telemarketing, please understand this is landlines only, all scrubbed records. No cell phone numbers are available on the on-line count and order system. Just call our office at 800.771.3282 and we’ll be happy to help you with a cell phone list.


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Other Services

Telephone Appending – We can add to and update your own telemarketing lists. This lets you fine tune your telemarketing efforts by validating existing numbers against address, name, zip code and other variables. Scrubbed cell phone numbers may also be appended.

DNC Scrubbing – We can scrub / update your current lists to insure that they meet all the Do Not Call guidelines. This way you can call with confidence!


Federal SAN required for any list with telephone numbers.