We offer new homeowner lists for life insurance agents because we’ve found that New Homeowners are an amazing market for Life Insurance agents.

They have just taken on a huge new responsibility that comes with a new home purchase and realize that if they die – who would pay off the mortgage, debts like credit card balances and car loans, not to mention monthly expenses and utility bills.

More than 4 million New Homeowners buy homes each year.

What makes this list unique is that new homeowner lists for life insurance agents are delivered to them each week or each month, on an on-going basis. This allows an insurance agent to create their own prospecting program  that keeps the leads flowing into their agency on a continuous basis.

Our New Homeowner lists for Life Insurance Agents is available with the following information:

  • Owner name
  • address
  • purchase price of the residence
  • purchase date
  • mortgage amount
  • mortgage type
  • scrubbed phone # where available.

Agents can select the zip-codes of their choice for their New Homeowner Insurance Marketing program.

Costs start at $50.00 per month.

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