Our Marketing Lists for the Healthcare Industry enables hospitals, physicians and medical practices to continuously prospect. After all, the goal is to bring in new patients and counteract patient attrition.

We can help you provide your hospital or medical practice with top notch prospects. Let us guide you through the different options for targeted marketing lists for the healthcare industry that will provide your practice or hospital with a strong response. We have everything from ailment sufferers mailing lists to new birth data. We offer highly targeted mailing lists for weekend warriors, plastic surgery prospects and prescription drug users mailing lists. New Movers is also a major player in Hospital Marketing.


Your service was outstanding! I never expected turnaround time to be less than one hour. We had a specific audience that we wanted to target and the data you provided was accurate as we have seen an immediate increase in patient volume.Susan Manekin, AbsoluteCARE

Options include monthly programs to reach new residents in your trading area. Or, we can provide you with lists geared to reaching seniors or parents of new babies, prescription drug users mailing lists or medical symptom lists to reach a specific type of patient.

Hospitals, Medical Centers & Clinics

We have a few case studies you can read:


  • utilize our New Parent files to reach out to parents with new babies


Pediatric Dentists

  • select our list of families with children 1-2 years old. This is for baby’s first dental visit. Or, they can select families with children 6-8 yrs old to market Sealants.

Plastic Surgeons

  • tend to select Females, age 40+. They overlay this with estimated household incomes greater than $100,000. And, we can refine this with country club membership and specific lifestyle interests to further qualify this prospect group. Try our new list of Individuals with Healthy Lifestyles or a double opt-in list of individuals who inquired into Botox, Restylane, Plastic Surgery, Microdermabrasion and other types of cosmetic enhancements. Many physicians also market to Empty Nesters.

Lasik Surgeons + Opthamologists

  • select contact lens and eyeglass wearers.

Orthopedic Practices


Online prescription drug providers

  • drive prospects to their websites with our ailment sufferers mailing lists and prescription drug users mailing lists. Scrubbed telephone #s are also available for a portion of the file.


These are some of the key marketing lists for the healthcare industry that can really impact your practice

We also offer Physician Lists by Specialty as well as Nurses Lists.   If you are looking for Registered Nurses or NAs, we can select those as well.

Call our office at (800) 771-3282, or email us at dale@datamangroup.com, and let us know the zip codes or counties your practice reaches. We will be happy to run counts in your market area today!