Dataman Group can supply you with on-going, non-duplicating New Mortgage Mailing Lists on a continuous basis. This way you can reach new new mortgages as soon as they’re filed at the county courthouse.

More than 4 million Americans buy homes each year. Comprehensive mortgage information is available on the majority of those transactions.

We collect our data on a weekly or monthly basis, depending upon the state and county.

Select New Mortgage Mailing lists by:

  • Loan Amount
  • Home Sale Amount
  • Fixed vs Variable Rate
  • Conventional, FHA or VA Loans
  • Down Payment Amount
  • Down Payment Percent
  • Dwelling Unit
  • Actual transaction date

Scrubbed telephone #s are available for about 12% of the file.

Insurance Agents market to New Mortgages to locate great Life Insurance Prospects:

Many Life Insurance professionals use Dataman Group’s New Mortgage mailing lists to locate top-response prospects for PMI

That is because, mortgage life insurance can provide security and peace of mind to a family. In case the unthinkable happens, this enables them to pay off outstanding home mortgage loans.

Many families choose level term life insurance to protect their mortgage. That is because they can purchase up to 30 years of life insurance and the premiums and coverage stay the same each and every year of their policy. This way, a family has money to pay off the decreasing mortgage.  They may also be eligible to receive the difference from the coverage amount and the outstanding mortgage. This way they have money to live on, if a death occurs.

Dataman Group’s New Mortgage Mailing lists data can be emailed to you within minutes of your order.

Order New Mortgages right now – on-line – and have your list within minutes!