We also offer a Hispanic Assimilation Index overlay which predicts the level of assimilation of a Hispanic individual. The Assimilation Index provides a code indicating the degree that a Hispanic individual has adopted the language, customs, or attitudes of the prevailing culture.

Hispanic Assimilation Index Options

    • 0 – not applicable or unknown
    • 1 – Assimilated- speaks English only
    • 2 – Bilingual English – Prefers English but knows some Spanish
    • 3 – Bilingual Spanish – Prefers Spanish but knows English
    • 4 – Unassimilated – Speaks Spanish only

How Does This Work?

The Ethnic Insight model examines identified surnames with commonly used first names for each surname’s ethnicity to predict language preference. For example, the surname Garcia is most often Hispanic. The first name Pablo is common but not unique to Hispanic. The system will predict that Pablo Garcia speaks Spanish. However, if Pablo’s last name were Debrito, which the system identifies as Portuguese, we would predict that this Pablo is Portuguese and speaks Portuguese.

Let’s go one step further. The System identifies Language Preference by first identifying unique first names. For example, whether or not a woman named Marisol’s last name is Lopez or Koslowski, the system will say Marisol probably speaks Spanish. Of course, none of this is an exact science. However this is the best possible option available today that allows marketers to target the Hispanic market in a highly researched, scientifically modeled way.

We can also overlay ethnicity on our Property Owners database, so marketers can select or Hispanic homeowners with swimming pools or Hispanic homeowners with homes 10+ years old who are excellent prospects for home improvement offers. No other list provider offers this option.

Asian Ethnic & Religious lists

According to the US Census, Asian households have the highest median income of any group. Our Asian surname lists can be segmented by Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese surnames and countries of origin.  Marketers can also select by religion. For example, we offer selection for Buddhism, Shinto and Hindu.  Click here for info on marketing to this high reponse market.

Our Religious mailing lists can also be refined with many different variables as well, including age, income, home ownership, presence of children (by age), religious donors. This list is vital for private religious schools targeting appropriate prospects or houses of worship looking to increase membership.

For marketers who want Evangelical Christians, we also offer lists of Christian Book + Music devotees.