Sample Homeowners Insurance Script

August 17th, 2021 by

We are providing this sample homeowners insurance script for those insurance agents looking for guidance.

Let’s face it, insurance agents have to market. It’s just part of the job. There are many insurance agents marketing their policies and services. The question is why they should buy from you. Many insurance agents cold call to expand their reach.

Your job as an insurance agent is to create your own competitive advantage.

In the prospect list and lead generation business I know that part of our competitive advantage is to give our client e as much guidance as we can.

Many agents use a Homeowner X-Date list as the basis for their cold calling.

Sample X-Date Script:

Agent:  Hi, Mr. Jones. This is Dale Filhaber from ABC insurance. I noticed that your Homeowner Insurance is coming up for renewal. I was wondering if you need some help getting your home covered.

Prospect: I already have insurance for my house. So, I’m really not interested.

Agent: I see. There are actually several types of home coverage plans out there. Out of curiosity, which one did you get?

Prospect:  Says name of policy

Agent: I see. Did you know that your policy actually doesn’t cover X (share a disadvantage about their policy). I know something that can help you beef up the coverage of your home.

If the prospect rejects you, just thank them nicely for their time and leave your contact information, just in case.

Assure them that you are there to provide a free consultation if they ever need it. For any insurance policy, even if it wasn’t bought from you.

Remind them about the different services your agency provides. Many homeowner insurance customers get their auto insurance policies from the same agent. Umbrella policies are another good option to mention.


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