Business borrowers with a verified, history of UCC filings represent prime business loan prospects. The UCC Database is a valuable tool for banks and merchant cash providers to reach potential customers.

A UCC Filing occurs when one business sells something to another business on credit. For example a farm buys a tractor. The business that sold the tractor to the farmer filed a UCC form showing that the tractor is collateral for the loan. If the business that purchased the tractor fails to pay the loan, the other business can repossess the tractor.

UCC filings can show whether a business is borrowing a lot of money to make purchases. This could be a sign that the company plans to expand its operations. Conversely, businesses that are not doing well may lose their collateral if the loan is not paid.

We have information on 30 Million UCC Filings. The UCC Database captures the universe of secured U.S. business borrowing and business lending. These are great business loan prospects.

This is a very comprehensive, detailed list that gives you the ability to select business prospects by category and sales volume.

We provide the following information:

  • Borrower Details: Business name, address, contact name / title, SIC code / business description, telephone # if requested
  • Lender – Complete details on secured party offering the loan
  • Assets – Type of collateral promised by the borrower

You can select by the following elements:

  • UCC loan date
  • Type of Collateral – click here for the list
  • You can select/omit by bank/financial institution
  • One UCC per business or all UCC records per business

Call us to see a copy of the record layout for this file.

Here’s definition of a UCC Filing, according to Wikitopedia.