Can I Get Cell Phone #s?

We can append cell phone numbers to your own customer file. This is done through a process of matching the name & mailing address with a cell phone database. We will require a signed waiver acknowledging you are running this process on your customer list. Please check to make sure you have a prior business relationship.

For more information, please visit the FTC Website.

Sample Mail Piece & Telemarketing Scripts

We may require a sample mail piece or telemarketing script for the following databases or list segments:

  • Parents of New Babies
  • Ethnic Surnames, Language Spoken At Home or Country of Origin
  • Credit Scored lists
  • Summarized Credit Scored Lists
  • Seniors, age 65+up
  • Ailment Sufferers & Prescription Drug Users

We support responsible marketing practices!

What about e-mail?

Nowadays, most of our clients receive their data via e-mail delivery. You can specify format type or whether you want your data in upper/lower case or all upper case. Call us if you are unsure of whether you’ll be able to import the data into your word processing program. Certainly, we can e-mail you a record layout and test file as well as easy-to-use instructions. Most of our customers ask for their data in excel or .csv.

What is the turn-around time for my list?

We offer same day service for almost all of our lists via e-mail delivery. In fact, with our On-line Count & Order System,, you can have your list within minutes!

Can I omit my own customers from the list?

In many cases, sure – but it depends on the database. Ask your List Professional. He or she will know. We will need you to provide us with your customer list in a simple format. This means first name, last name, street address, apt#, city state, and zip-code. There may be a charge to do the suppression and de-duping. Above all, that will depend on the quantity you provide to us.

How do I pay for my list?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, wires and checks. We require pre-payment from all new clients.

Do you guarantee lists?

We cannot guarantee the response rate of your direct mail or telemarketing program. Response is a result of many factors. In truth, we are only responsible for the list portion of your program. However, we do guarantee the accuracy of our postal data. Our data is continuously updated. For that reason, we are very proud of the quality of the postal data we provide.

  • Consumer Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy
  • Business Mailing Lists – 90+% Deliverability/Accuracy
  • New Mover Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy
  • New Homeowner Mailing Lists – 95+% Deliverability/Accuracy
  • Renters Mailing Lists – 85+% Delivery/Accuracy (add “Or Current Resident” and bring the delivery up to 100%)

If you run into a situation where you’ve done a mailing and you get an unusual number of returns, please call us. We want to research it ASAP. Our policy is to replace names if you have a nixie rate above our guarantee.

More Dataman Group FAQs

Dataman Group Direct is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • Florida Direct Marketing Association
  • Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers
  • Water Quality Association
  • Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau of Palm Beach County
  • American Marketing Association
  • Florida Association of Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
  • International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
  • Jewish Federation Business & Professional Group

FAQ – Dataman Group has been in business in Boca Raton since 1980.


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