New Businesses need a variety of products and services. These range from insurance to printing to office space. Finance, banking and credit card services. Accounting services and legal services. Office supplies and furniture. And, most noteworthy to me – advertising and marketing. Truly, the list is endless!

If your company provides services that new businesses can use, this is the list that will help you reach them.

New Occupational License Filings

Our New Business Database is compiled from Occupational Licenses and DBAs filed at the Courthouse. You can request to have your New Business data monthly, every two weeks – or whenever you want it.  All you need to do is request the newest “New to World” records that come onto the Database.

The New Business list comes with business name + addresses, and contact name and telephone # where available. E-mail addresses are not available.

You need to understand the special nuances of the New Business Hotline file. These records are brand new. Our goal is to get them to the market quickly. Therefore, they have not been through any of the data verification programs that would delay their release. The data on the file is exactly as was listed on the Occupational Licenses or DBAs filed at the courthouses.

Since these are brand new businesses, you will find that some of these licenses are listed with residential addresses and phone #s. Similarly, the telephone #s are also exactly what was listed on the license or DBA forms. Note: in some markets, this data was transcribed from handwritten license applications. Consequently, some of these will contain errors.

Business New Connects

Another great source of new business data is our New Connects list. This data is available each week. The phone #s are compiled from the Telcos as well as Teco-verified sources on almost a daily basis. For that reason, it’s a very quick source of new information.

As a result, when you use this list, you can be first in the door!

The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that this country has 30.2 million small business owners. Together, these owners constitute an army of hard-working Americans striving to build something for themselves, be their own boss and support their families and local economies.

Above all, make sure you reach them with the right offer!