Non-profits raise money with well-conceived Direct Mail and Telemarketing programs geared to reaching the right people with the right offer. We offer lists specifically designed for non-profit direct marketing – such as donors, past contributors to political, health + institutional or religious charities, as well as households who have made multiple gifts. All of our lists can be refined by age, income, and home ownership to enhance response. Ethnicity and religious persuasion can also be overlaid on our files.

Even though direct mail brings the highest ROI, many non-profits are adding e-mail components to their campaigns and presenting an integrated approach to their fund raising efforts. Agencies who have not yet appended e-mail addresses to their current donor files can do this easily and cost-effectively so they can maximize their outreach to their donors.

We work with non-profits all over the United States. We are here to help you increase donations to your agency.

Top Response Mailing Lists

  1. Donor Lists – Customize these prospects by age, income, gender, as well as # of times they have contributed.
  2. Behavior Bank – Customize these prospects by donor interest as well as age & income characteristics.
  3. New Homeowners – Brand new to your market, New Homeowners are a fabulous prospect group for local organizations.
  4. Golden Homeowners – This top donor prospect group is the one that rounds out your DM fundraising campaign prospect list.

Strategies & Tactics for Successful Non-Profit Direct Marketing

  1. Creating Compelling Success Stories to Engage Donors & Prospects – (November 2018)
  2. Using Direct Mail to Build Awareness – First Hugs – (September 2018)
  3. Prevent Your Donors from Getting Compassion Fatigue – (September, 2017)
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  5. Telefundraising – Non-profits Need to Explore Every Marketing Channel – (July, 2015)
  6. Donor Retention – Charities Lost 103 Donors for Every 100 They Gained in 2014 – (October 2015)
  7. Direct Mail Still Delivers The Dollars   –  (Jan 2014)
  8. The Top 8 Pitfalls of Direct Mail Fundraising  –  (March 2013)
  9. Case Study from the ASPCA – (Jan 2013)
  10. Proven Strategies to Increase Direct Mail Fundraising – (August 2011)
  11. Donors Prefer Direct Mail – but List Hygiene is Vital –
  12. Is Direct Mail Right for your Fund-Raising Organization?
  13. 10 Tips for Raising Money in Tough Economic Times – (reprinted from FundRaising Success Magazine)
  14. Overview of Direct Mail in the Non-Profit World – (presented at Florida Direct Marketing Association)
  15. Generational Marketing
  16. Church Outreach Program –
  17. Generational Marketing for Fund Raising Success – (May 2008)
  18. 45 Easy Ways to Cultivate High Value Donors – (reprinted from FundRaising Success Magazine)
  19. Tips for Maintaining Donor E-Mail Addresses – (March 2009)

DataDale’s Mailing Tips for Non-Profits

Let’s be honest. Because many non-profit agencies rely on volunteers who are not professionals in the Direct Mail world, often mistakes occur that can easily be avoided. Some of these errors are as simple-to-avoid as using the right paper stock or making sure that sizing meets USPS guidelines. Click here to download DataDale’s FREE USPS Primer for non-profits.

Discretionary Spending Index

This new select allows non-profits to target individuals who not only have a high income – but they are willing to spend it.  Many national mailers are using this to narrow down their list count and reach out to individuals who are willing to write a check.

For additional information, please call our office at (800) 771-3282. We’ll be happy to help design the list that best suits your organization’s needs!