That is because you are not the actual finance company. There are lots of hoops to jump through to get approved, including background checks and office visits. Additionally, there is required legal language that must be printed on your mail piece that requires you to make a firm offer of credit. That means regardless of whether you want to sell your system to someone, if they got your mailer, they get the loan.

Since most Home Improvement businesses simply cannot use the prescreened list, the solution is using Modeled Credit score lists. This is widely used data in the HVAC, window replacement, and home improvement industry.

  • The costs are comparatively less expensive
  • It’s easier to acquire this list of credit worthy people / same day delivery
  • No firm offer of credit is required
  • Ability to overlay demographics, home data

Standing Out In the Crowd

We know that the key to keeping your brand and offer visible to prospects is frequency. And, it’s not just repetition in the same medium. Your message needs to be visible in multiple marketing channels to make an impact. Think postcards – they offer your company lots of visibility!

The more times someone sees your message and the more ways they see it, the more they will remember it.

For example, once you have a great marketing list of targeted prospects, you want to maximize it. That means you want to reach out to the people on your modeled credit score lists in as many ways as possible. This includes direct mail, telemarketing, email and digital marketing.