If you are looking for modeled credit score prospect lists, then consider our ConsumerView Profitability Score list overlay. At its’ most basic, it helps identify households likely to pay their debts. Most importantly, it ranks households by profitability, allowing marketers to target the best prospects.

Our modeled credit score lists help you target prospects by:

  • Profitability
  • Approval Rates
  • Response Rates

The scores align very closely to bonafide Credit Scoring. Best of all, with this file – no pre-approval is needed! These lists are often used for Invitation to Apply offers.

The ConsumerView Profitability Score combines a robust scoring model that offers high levels of refinement for selecting the most profitable prospects combined with our top-notch National Consumer Database. This gives you greater precision in predicting, identifying and targeting prospects at the Household Level.

There are 13 levels, with 3 high profitability levels, providing you with precision targeting of your best prospects – those who will respond and comply with the terms of your Invitation to Apply, credit or continuity program offers. Let’s face it, you want to spend your marketing dollars reaching people who will bring profit to your business and this is the overlay that can pinpoint these households for you.

Remember, the score ranks prospects at a Household Level. This is much more precise than typical modeled credit files that rank at zip+4.

This is a great way for marketers to cut their costs and increase their ROI. This list reduces the risk of generating unprofitable prospects and targets only those households with a high likelihood for success.

Do you want to read about the differences between bonafide credit lists and ITA lists? This article can explain it to you.

Here are the levels, descriptions and score alignment

LevelDescriptionScore Alignment
1High Profitability, High Likelihood to Perform790-840
2High Profitability, High Likelihood to Perform766-789
3High Profitability, High Likelihood to Perform741-765
4Good Profitability, Medium Likelihood to Perform716-740
5Good Profitability, Medium Likelihood to Perform691-715
6Fair Profitability, Medium Likelihood to Perform665-690
7Fair Profitability, Medium Likelihood to Perform640-664
8Poor Profitability, Unlikely to Perform590-639
9Poor Profitability, Unlikely to Perform540-589
10Poor Profitability, Unlikely to Perform490-539
11Low Profitability, Unlikely to Perform440-489
12Low Profitability, Unlikely to Perform390-439
13Low Profitability, Unlikely to Perform340-389

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