Available for Direct Mail, Telemarketing, and Email Deployment

Our Donor Lists are based on based on known data as well as the statistical analysis of consumers that have donated to these kinds of charities in the last 12 months.

Non-profits can refine their mailing list by overlaying age, income, disposable dollars, ethnicity or religious persuasion onto any of these Donor Categories to create a solid donor generation prospect file. These Donor Lists give non-profits the ability to broaden their outreach and find new contributors.

These are the broad Donor List categories non-profit agencies can choose from:

  • Contributes to Charities
  • Contributes to Arts/Culture Charities
  • Contributes to Education Charities
  • Contributes to Health Charities
  • Contributes to Political Charities
  • Contributes to Private Foundations
  • Contributes by Volunteering

By using these Lifestyle Propensity Models, marketers can better predict the behavior and lifestyle characteristics of their customers and prospects, making for more successful acquisition and retention marketing efforts.

Don’t know where to begin? Let us run a Customer Profile Analysis Report, and find out who are your current donors. We can then match up the demographics of your current donors, to your prospect lists.

Is your agency primed & ready for direct mail fundraising?

What about Millennials? They are your donors of tomorrow. How can you convert them?

We are proud to be associated with many non-profit agencies, including the Levis Jewish Community Center and Jewish Federation in Boca Raton, FL.