Donor Lists Available for Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Email Deployments

Our Donor Lists are designed to provide your non-profit with solid prospects for your agency’s fund raising efforts.

The data used in our Donors lists is derived from two sources. First of all, we have lists of donors that we know with certainty that have made recent gifts. Next, we use statistical modeling to develop lookalikes of those known donors. As a result, this helps us expand your prospect universe. Because of this process, your non-profit will have the ability to reach a new cadre of potential donors.

As a non-profit marketer, you need to refine your mailing list and pre-qualify your prospects. Above all, I’m sure the charity you represent can’t afford to waste a penny!

First, choose from the Donor categories below. Next, we can enhance your list by overlaying  demographic elements. These elements include age, income, disposable dollars, ethnicity or religious persuasion. By using these elements, we can qualify the data and help you to create a solid donor prospect file for your agency. Because of this unique modeling on our Donor Lists, you will be able to broaden your outreach. This is the way to find new contributors.

Donor List Categories

  • Contributes to Charities
  • Contributors to Arts/Culture Charities
  • Contributes to Education Charities
  • Donors to Health Charities
  • Contributes to Political Charities
  • Contributor to Private Foundations
  • Contributes by Volunteering

Lifestyle Propensity Models Help Predict Behavior

Our Lifestyle Propensity Models can help you predict the behavior and lifestyle characteristics of your donors and prospects. When you use these models, your agency will be  more successful in your acquisition and retention marketing efforts.

If you’re not sure where to begin, let us run a Customer Profile Analysis Report . This will help us find out who your current donors are. Consequently, we can use this info to match up the demographics of your current donors to your prospective donor lists. As a result,  you can reach new prospects for your agency’s fund raising efforts.

Is your agency primed & ready for direct mail fundraising?

What about Millennials? They are your donors of tomorrow. Do you have a plan in place to market to them? How can you convert them?

We are proud of our association with many non-profit agencies. We are also proud sponsors of the Levis Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Federation in Boca Raton, FL.