Want New Pool Customers? This is the easiest way to find them


Our newly updated list has over 5.3 million Swimming Pools in the U.S.  [5,390,959 to be exact].

You can order your list for all pool homes – or just take those with the Pool Owner’s name. You can even refine your Pool Home list by the home value and age of the home.

These options create opportunities for you since you can target the specific Pool Home segment , based on your product or service.

For example:

  • Pool Service companies tend to select Pool Owners within a 5 mile radius from their location.
  • BBQ + Patio Furniture companies want Swimming Pool Owners with homes over $250,000.
  • Pool Resurfacers want older pools – and, since we can’t select by the age of the pool, select pools in homes 7+ years old.
  • Companies that offer childproofing or swimming lessons can even target our Swimming Pool Owners list to families with children under 6 years of age in the household.
  • Solar power companies – A 2 KW solar panel system can run a 1 horsepower pool pump 5 hours a day – it’s a great opportunity.


**Brand new option – The last year’s worth of New Homeowners with Swimming Pools. This is the only Swimming Pool Owners list that can do that!


“Thank You for your help, counsel, persistence, patience and “good shepherding” of the list of in ground pool owners in Fairfield, New Haven & Middlesex cty’s of Connecticut.”

Tom Donald, Director Marketing/Sales Galvin Pools, Orange, CT. 06477


Want to contact Homeowners without Swimming Pools?

For Swimming Pool Construction Companies we can eliminate swimming pool owners to create a list of homeowners without swimming pools, then qualify the list by home value and current estimated income. This is the perfect list for the company who builds and installs swimming pools!

Same Day Service:

Data can be e-mailed to you same day as ordered – either in excel or in an Avery label format…or shipped to you directly on pressure-sensitive mailing labels.

Telephone #s:

Landline telephone #s are available for over 500,000 Swimming Pool Owners. Our file is flushed against federal, state and DMA Do Not Call lists so you can call with confidence. Call our office to ask about cell phone #s.

Email addresses:

We can append email addresses to your list. Estimate we will locate validated email addresses for 32% of the list

Combo Direct Mail List and Digital Display Advertising:

This brand new program gives you an easy way to get your name out by mail and digitally. Click HERE to learn more.


Call the office today at (800) 771-3282 and let us explain how we can get you visibility in your marketplace. It’s one of the best investments in your business you can make!

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