How do you drive customers to your website? With Dataman Group’s on-line shoppers and buyers lists.

Even Amazon is using direct mail to drive shoppers to their website for Holiday Toy shopping this year. We all know that the key to response is driving shoppers from one marketing channel to another and our on-line shoppers and buyers lists gives marketers an edge.

We also have specialized lists of mail order responders who buy products on-line.

Some of the on-line shoppers and buyers categories we offer are:

  • Buy Gifts
  • Buy Clothes
  • Buy Books
  • Buy Music
  • Buy Travel
  • Trade Stocks/Bonds
  • Do Banking/Financial Services on-line

Plus, we also offer:

  • Families with Children who are on-line
  • Golfers with on-line access
  • On-line user by age, income and home ownership

Be as specific as you want! Your best opportunity to reach this important market group is by using our on-line shoppers and buyers lists.

amazon catalog for on-line shoppers
Amazon Toy Catalog for on-line shoppers – Holiday 2018

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