Dataman Group’s Families with Children lists let you target households with babies to teens.

We have over 22 million families with over 30 million children on our Families with Children mailing list. The file is updated monthly for accuracy. We also add brand new information into the database each week. These filter in from our proprietary New Parents list. Because of this, you will have the broadest reach of any families with children list, as well as maximum deliverability.

No other population represents more challenges or opportunities for marketers than America’s families. Families with children demand variety and convenience. As a result, many industries use our Families with Children Lists to find new clients. Some of our client groups includes insurance, financial, entertainment, publishing and education services. In addition, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, packaged goods and home improvement industries are also big users of this data.

There are literally hundreds of options you can choose to qualify your data. By using these elements, you can pinpoint your direct mail or telemarketing efforts to reach the best group for your offer.

Selects for Families with Children lists

  • Family estimated household income
  • Age of parent / marital status
  • Age / age range of child
  • Presence of Children
  • Month of Birth (great for Birthday Club mailings!)
  • Child’s gender
  • Dwelling unit type
  • Length of residence
  • Telephone #
  • Single parent family
  • Home ownership
  • Ethnicity
  • Number of Children in household
  • New Babies

Be Creative – Mix & Match Demographic Elements to Create Unique Segments

You can overlay Families with Children data onto our Property owners file. By doing this, you can create a one-of-a-kind list of Swimming Pool owners with Children under 5. As a result, this becomes a great group for pool fence companies or swim schools.

Select households with children 10-12 years old. You can overlay Jewish religion from our Ethnic & Religious Lists to locate Bar Mitzvah prospects.

Pediatric dentists love our Turning 1 list. These are great prospects for Baby’s First Dental Checkup.

We also offer a separate Teenager file where you can select teens age 15-18 years old. Teens now represent a spending power of over $100 million annually. Because of this spending power, they are great prospects for many offers.

When you select your families with children list, remember to consider age and gender. This way, the offers you mail are both age + gender appropriate

New Parents List

Our New Parents list is available as a monthly hotline. Therefore, marketers can reach this key market group as soon as the new baby is born. For that reason, insurance agents love our monthly new parent list. It’s a great list for life insurance offers.

Children’s Privacy

Our data conforms to all appropriate privacy standards. All our lists adhere to COPPA, Children’s Online Privacy & Protection Act. We support responsible marketing. Consequently, all of our Families With Children mailing lists are addressed to the parent by name, not the child.

Telephone #s

Telephone #s are available for all our Families With Children Lists and are scrubbed twice monthly. On our landlines, scrubbed telephone #s represent about 10% of the list. Therefore, we strongly suggest that the mail is a far better option to reach Families with Children.

Data e-mailed to you within minutes

Sample mail piece and/or telemarketing list may be required for any list that contains children information.