New Homeowners, professionals, business owners and the self-employed are excellent Disability Insurance prospects. They all have compelling reasons for needing a policy. As a result, insurance agents who are looking to increase business in this sector will do well prospecting these groups.

Top Lists of Disability Insurance Prospects

New Homeowners

New Homeowners are excellent Disability Insurance Prospects. They have just taken on a major new responsibility. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 22 percent of U.S. adults have some type of physical or mental disability. What if an injury or a serious illness keeps someone out of work? That could affect their ability to keep up with mortgage payments.

New Homeowner data is sourced from Warranty Title Deeds filed at the County Courthouse. This is very specific, accurate and timely data.  Because of their current life stage, New Homeowners have the incentive to take out a Disability Insurance Policy. You can select this list in your specific area. You can opt for weekly or monthly hotline service and get new data on a recurring basis. Or, you can select a list any time you want it.

Lists by Occupation and Profession

You can acquire your prospects by their job, using our Occupation FileOne of the most useful options for this product is age. For that reason, many marketers select executives in their mid-40s. This group is typically starting families. Many own their own homes. As a result of this stage in their lives, they know that protecting their families is crucial.

We also offer lists of Professionals, sourced directly from individual License Files. This database includes nurses, physicians by certification, insurance agents and real estate professionals. Similarly, these are all outstanding disability insurance prospects as well.

Fine Tune Your List

On the New Homeowner list, you can select by home purchase price, purchase date, and dwelling type.  For many Occupation lists, you can qualify by age, estimated household income, marital status and presence of children. The more you refine your list criteria, the better your targeting. As a result, this eliminates waste and ups your ROI.

Other Options

Very noteworthy – you might consider appending telephone #s, or email addresses to your list, where they are available. Nowadays, reaching prospects through multiple marketing channels makes your message more important. Likewise, this also makes your brand more memorable.

Because of this, you want to reach your prospects where they are. That means in their mailbox, their USPS morning Informed Delivery email, on their Facebook pages and search results.