This unique list can put you in touch with Equity Spenders.

Each month, millions of homeowners are granted tax-deductible home equity loans (also known as lines of credit, refinances or second mortgages). For most consumers that can mean between $10,000 and $100,000 – at least half of which is typically spent right away.

Equity Spenders are typically mature, financially sophisticated consumers. They use this money not only to consolidate debt, pay off first mortgages or finance businesses, but to acquire products that will enhance their style of living. Their purchases often include: home improvement, new furniture and appliances, additional real estate, new cars, R/Vs, vacation and luxury items, as well as insurance and investment opportunities and higher education.

This list contains 7.2 million households and is updated on a weekly basis.


  • Loan Amount
  • Loan type: FHA, VA, Conventional
  • Loan Rate: Fixed vs. Variable
  • Scrubbed telephone #s – available on approx. 15% of the file

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