We offer several golfers lists allowing marketers maximum flexibility in reaching this fabulous market group either by:

  • Direct Mail
  • Email Deployment
  • Telemarketing

In terms of Direct Mail Lists, the first group of Golfer Mailing Lists is compiled from responses to the Behavior Bank group of surveys. This series of Golfers Lists allows you to select prospects by age, income, gender, home ownership, dwelling type as well as the likelihood of owning a computer or utilizing the internet to purchase on-line. Hotline data is also available.

In addition to Golfer data from the Behavior Bank, we also offer many options within our Lifestyle Lists models. Play Golf, PGA Tour Enthusiast, Interested in Golf are some of the categories we offer.

Availability: 17,965,010 Golfers available nationally

Marketers can slice / dice these Golfer households with lots of qualifiers – such as travel, vacation home ownership, and investment preferences – not to mention demographics such as age, income, home ownership, and net worth to real pinpoint the best prospects for your offer.

This is a great group for direct mail, marketing Real Estate offers and investment opportunities as well as golf course memberships, equipment and products. The large available quantity gives marketers lots of opportunity for large scale direct mail.

In terms of Email Deployment, offers that have had great success include instructional material, golf gadgets & equipment as well as golf course membership offers. The list we use for Email Deployment is double opt-in data.

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