Most agents select our Auto X-Date insurance renewal list in their market and ask us to output phone #s where they are available; other agents select only those Auto X-Date records with phone numbers.

The cost for the Auto X-Date Insurance Renewal List starts at $175.00 for 750 Auto Renewal prospects.

Output, shipping and sales tax where applicable are additional.

By the way – I read a really interesting article from Claritas about the Hispanic market. The top auto insurance providers for Hispanics were GEICO, followed by State Farm, Progressive and Allstate. They also say that Hispanics are 23% more likely to use Allstate as their primary auto insurance provider and 17% more likely to use GEICO.  They also say that not all auto insurance customers are content with their provider. Their research shows that 8% of Hispanic households plan to switch from their current auto insurance provider within the next 12 months compared to only 6% for non-Hispanics households.

Insurance agents should call our office at 1-800-771-3282 for a sample of our Auto X-Date List as well as counts and pricing in their market.

In addition to the mailing information, telephone numbers and email addresses are also available for some of the records on the list.


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