This is a great time to reach out to Eco-Friendly Consumers with our GreenAware Eco-Friendly Lists.

GreenAware is a joint venture between Experian and Simmons’ Market Research. Simmons has developed a series of Green Segmentation Profiles. This is based on the mindset of consumers towards the environment.  These profiles take consumer behavior, attitudes, opinions, lifestyles and media usage into consideration. As a result, we can use these profiles to help you find the right prospects for your product.

The Environmental Leader took a critical look at green marketing. They found that marketers who have tested green messages generally found them much more effective than their typical messaging.

Green Messaging Works

  • 80% expect to spend more on green marketing
  • 4 times as many marketers said green marketing was more effective than those who said it was less effective
  • Smaller firms spend a higher percentage of their marketing budget on green marketing.
  • 2% spent their $$ on-line. 49.8% on print. 40% on direct mail. 7% on outdoor advertising. 7% on radio and TV.
  • Nearly half said decision-makers hold green marketing in high regard
  • Marketers who track Marketing Spend and it’s relations to sales believe people will Pay More for Green Products

The four distinct GreenAware consumer segments

Behavioral Green Segment: This group of people thinks and acts green. They are eco-friendly. Behavioral Greens have negative attitudes towards products that pollute. They incorporate green practices in their lives on a regular basis. For that reason, they are a key driver of environmentally friendly products and services.

Think Green Segment: This group of people thinks green, but do not necessarily act green. Depending on the offer, thinking green is almost as good as being green. Consequently, selecting this group depends on your offer.

Potential Green Segment: This group neither behaves nor thinks along particularly environmentally conscious lines. They remain on the fence about key green issues. Potential Greens are just that – households that have potential to be green. Therefore, they just may need education and a convincing offer about your product.

True Brown Segment: They are not environmentally conscious. In contrast, they may have negative attitudes about environmental issues.

Who Uses GreenAware and Eco-Friendly Lists?

  • Water treatment companies providing in-home water purification. This way eco-friendly consumers can use their own filtered water. No need to continually purchase plastic water bottles.
  • Home improvement companies selling solar equipment, window tinting, bio-pure septic services.
  • Pest control companies promoting non-toxic, eco-friendly products.
  • Auto Dealerships – marketing hybrid vehicles. This is definitely a list for Tesla!
  • Retailers – selling bicycles, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, cotton + hemp clothing.
  • Travel Industry – promoting eco-friendly travel and Leed Certified hotel packages.
  • Non-profits – reaching out to like-minded individuals for affiliation and fund raising.
  • Financial marketers looking to promote eco-friendly stocks/financial opportunities.
  • Builders & developers selling eco-friendly homes.
  • Cleaning companies – promoting use of eco-friendly products.
  • Diaper Services looking to reach eco-sensitive new parents.
  • Cemeteries featuring Green Burials.

The GreenAware eco-friendly list overlay can be overlaid on any of our Consumer Files. This also includes our Property & Realty Database, and New Parents files. Most noteworthy, by adding this key lifestyle to your list criteria, you can really make a difference in response.