Business Category or SIC code

The actual business category on a B2B list is determined by the Standard Industrial Code (SIC code). This is a U.S. Department of Commerce system that organizes all industry types in the U.S. Each business establishment is classified according to its primary activity, signified by a 4-digit SIC code.

We use Dun & Bradstreet’s proprietary classification system that expands on the U.S. SIC code system. This system drills down more finitely by appending up to 4 additional digits to the standard 4-digit SIC code. You can be more specific with your request since this system allows for more distinct business definitions.

B2B Email Lists

Always remember that you are not email a business – you want to email a person at a business. On our B2B email lists, you can select by a person’s job title or key decision maker at the business.

Company Annual Sales Volume

The yearly volume of sales, in a range of millions of dollars. For example, you can select annual sales volume of $200,000 +up, or a range such as between $25,000,000 and $49,999,999.

Size of Business by Number of Employees

You would want to target businesses by employee size when you want to:

  • locate small companies, which typically require more outside service.
  • find large companies, which might purchase higher volumes of products.
  • discover prospects with the same number of employees as your current customers

The following employee size ranges are available: 1 employee, 2-4 employees, 5-9 employees, 10-24 employees, 25-49 employees, 50-99 employees, 100-249 employees, 250-499 employees, 500-999 employees, 1,000-2,499 employees, 2,500-4,999 employees, 5,000-9,999 employees, 10,000-14,999 employees, and 20,000+ employees.

Business Owner

You can select the name of specific contacts within the organization. This is part of our very extensive database of business owners. Plus, you can buy a list complete with email addresses. For example, on this business email list, you specify the contact person you want to reach.

Type of Site

We offer a Corporate/Site option that allows you to select companies that are single locations, headquarters or branches. By using this element, you can select subsidiary companies, legal status (Corporations, partnerships), as well as Ownership (public vs. private companies). There are also opportunities to define Import or Export companies or companies that do manufacturing. You may also want to check out the non-profit indicator, if you want to locate 401-C 3 corporations.

Years in Business

This option allows you to select well-established or newly established companies. Let us create a New Business list for you by selecting for companies in business one year or less. There are approximately 556,360 New Businesses available in our file.

In addition to the New Business 1 year or less category on our Business Mailing Lists, you can select by other Years In Business ranges. These options are: 2 or 3 years, 4 or 5 years, 6 -10 years, 11 – 15 years, 16 – 20 years, and 21+ years in business.

SOHOs – Small Office / Home Office – Small Business list

You can reach Small Offices and Home-Based Businesses out of our Business Mailing list. This allow you to target small businesses in your market. If your product is for a business owner’s home office, then our small business list is for you!

Zip Code, City or Count

With our B2B List, you can specify states, zip-codes, cities/towns, counties and metro areas. We can also upload a zip-code list if that’s the geo-targeting you need for your program.

More B2B lists:

OR our new Business Loan Prospect List from our UCC Filing Database of over 30 million UCC filings. These business have outstanding loans and liens. Consequently, this makes this data great for refinance offers. It is also an indicator of a company’s growth.

OR our Franchise Owners list.

Also now available: Marketing Prescreen Score

Best Way to Contact Small Business Owners is the phone. Click HERE to Watch DataDale’s video.