Property & Casualty Insurance Agents can reach Auto Owners before their annual renewal using Dataman Group’s specially formatted Auto X-Dates Lists for insurance agents.

Many automobile owners will decide to change their insurance carriers when their insurance comes up for renewal.  For the most part, there are five main reasons why people switch auto insurance:

  • Cost
  • Personal Choice
  • Benefits
  • Circumstances Have Changed
  • Customer Service

In today’s world, consumers are looking for great customer service. Unfortunately, there are many auto owners are unhappy with their current insurer. For instance, most of the time it’s because they are not getting the attention they deserve. When you use Auto X-Date lists, you are showing your prospects that you are hungry for their business. Your marketing materials need to stress the commitment you are making to your customers. This is your chance to let people know about you, your agency and your easy to use claims process.

Auto X-Date Lists for Insurance Agents options

  • Auto Owner Name
  • Address
  • City, State, zip
  • Telephone #s where available (scrubbed)
  • Auto Renewal Month
  • Vehicle type (where available)
  • Vehicle year (where available)
  • Head-of-household Age

Insurance agents can easily create personalized letters from this list. Most agents select all Auto X-Dates in their market and ask us to output phone #s where they are available so they can follow up. Other agents select only those Auto X-Date records with phone #s.

The cost for Dataman Group’s Auto X-Dates Lists for insurance agents starts at $175.00 for 750 Auto Renewal prospects. Output, shipping and sales tax where applicable are additional.

Click here to see a sample of this list . It is truly a one-of-a-kind prospect file you can’t afford to pass up!

In addition, a happy auto insurance policy holder is a perfect prospect for the different types of insurance your agency offers. When your agency satisfies their needs, you will also be able to cross sell other insurance products.

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