November, 2018 Monthly Specials

Transform your customer list into a marketing powerhouse.

Your customer list is one of your company’s biggest assets.  Accurate addresses, phone #s and email addresses are vital for a healthy database. If any parts of it are wrong – you are wasting money and missing out on business.

This comprehensive process will update your addresses, correct landlines, add cell phone #s and append email addresses to your customer list.

In 2019, you want to blend your marketing outreach and communicate with your customers via multiple marketing channels. It’s not just about frequency anymore. It’s a fact that the more ways your customers hear from you, the more dominant your brand recognition will become.

This is the key to increasing response.

These are the services we provide as part of this program:

  • NCOA (National Change of Address)
  • Residential land line phone append
  • Residential cell phone append
  • Residential email append

Year-end special Pricing:

Up to 10,000 records processed $750.00

Up to 20,000 records processed $1,250.00

Up to 50,000 records processed $2,250.00


BTW – You are saving up to 75% on your customer file transformation by taking advantage of this bundled process. Otherwise, each process has it’s own minimum cost.

You provide the file and we will transform your customer list efficiently and painlessly.  Turnaround time is 48-72 hours.

Why are you waiting?

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This offer is good until 12/26/2018