November, 2020 – Monthly Special


Free Email Append with an order of $500.00

We will match valid emails to the list your purchased based off the name & mailing address. Due to the nature of the process there will be a very low match rate on a list of New Homeowners or New Movers.

Please note many Email Marketing Systems don’t allow the use of 3rd party rented lists. You need to make sure your provider allows the use of these emails. Another great way to take advantage of the emails is to use them in your social media advertising. When you upload an email list into Facebook or Google Ads Words, you can increase your visibility.

*Max amount of outputted valid emails is 3,500. After you reach that amount you can elect to pay 5 cents per match for any additional emails*

About the E-Append Process

We use the expression e-mail appending to define the process by which we match and add e-mail addresses to a file.

E-mail addresses are not readily available on most mailing lists. However they can be appended to your customer file so you can keep in touch with them on an on-going basis. Think CRM. Studies continue to show that e-mail is invaluable in maintaining customer relationships.

We match your names & addresses to a multi-sourced, permission-based (opt-in) CAN-SPAM compliant database. Our reference file provides you access to over 3 billion e-mails to attain the best match.

Typically, e-mail addresses can be located for 15% – 25% of a Consumer list. That means if you had a list of 50,000 consumers (homeowners, pool owners, families with children), we’d be able to provide you with e-mail addresses on about 7,500 – 12,500 of the records.

The minimum charge for e-mail appending is 10 cents per name with a $250.00 minimum cost (which is above the cost of the actual list).  This is a great Monthly Special Offer!


This Dataman Group Monthly Special offer is good until 11/30/2020