Insurance Agents Generate Leads with Direct Mail

June 15th, 2021 by

So far in 2021, ICW Group Insurance Companies agents have distributed more than 100,000 lead generation direct mail pieces.

According to the Data and Marketing Association, 90 percent of direct mail gets opened. This is compared to 20-30 percent of emails. And, 42 percent of direct mail gets read or scanned.

An important target for ICW Group agents is Millennials.  They are the fastest-growing segment of small business owners. Research suggests 30 percent of Millennials say direct mail is more effective in getting them to take action. But many also open their emails.

This further supports the need to combine online and offline marketing strategies to connect with new prospects.

Insurance agents who want to generate leads need to think of the best audience segments for their products. They need to tailor their direct mail specifically to the target market. And, consider appending email addresses to their lead lists so they can include an online marketing strategy.

Key Target Markets:

New Homeowners

Insurance agents can mail to new homeowners on a weekly or monthly basis. This spreads out their marketing expense.  This also gives them entrée to this highly responsive group on an on-going basis. A new homeowner lead list can generate lots of new leads. New Homeowners are excellent targets for a variety of insurance products. This includes Property & Casualty Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Auto Insurance and Umbrella policies.

Parents of New Babies

Agents can mail to parents of new babies on a monthly basis. New Parents are top life insurance prospects. That’s because they are aware of their new responsibilities. Parents of new babies are an excellent market for insurance agents. Also, since this lead list offers on-going, non-duplicating data, agents are also able to spread their advertising expenses over time.

Small Business Owners

Small business owners are required to have all sorts of insurance. This includes general liability insurance, workman’s comp, health insurance, and “keyperson” insurance policies. Business owners should also consider commercial umbrella policies, data breach insurance and business income coverage.

There is no question that insurance agents can generate leads with direct mail to small business owners. Direct mail is the only way to get that level of information into the right person’s hand. Because direct mail is credible and has a shelf life, it’s the top medium for insurance agents.

That’s the way to generate new leads. That’s the way to create new business.