We use the expression e-mail appending to define the process by which we match and add e-mail addresses to a file.

E-mail addresses are not readily available on most mailing lists. They can, however, be appended to your customer file. This way you can keep in touch with them on an on-going basis. Think CRM. Studies continue to show that e-mail is invaluable in maintaining customer relationships.

Make sure your email broadcast software allows you to use 3rd party or rented lists. Constant Contact, Survey Monkey frown on importing 3rd party email lists into their software.

Upload to Facebook or Google AdWords

On of the great things about e-mail appending is being able to upload your email list into Facebook or Google AdWords. This allows you to showcase your ad or message to the people you want to reach. This is an awesome way to increase your visibility. You also get the opportunity to reach this group via multiple marketing channels. This is the goal of omni-channel marketing.

E-Mail Appending Process

We match your names & addresses to a multi-sourced, permission-based (opt-in) CAN-SPAM compliant database. Our reference file provides you access to over 3 billion e-mails to attain the best match.

There are 2 levels of email appending: Individual and household level.

Individual level is where we match first name/ last name/address. That typically hits 20% on a Consumer list (homeowners, pool owners, families with children). That means if we start with 25,000 – we will net around 5,000.

Or, we can append on a Household level. This means we match surname and address. We typically match between 30-35%.  Based on a gross quantity of 25,000, we would net about 8,500.

The minimum charge for e-mail appending is 6 cents per name with a $200.00 minimum cost (which is above the cost of the actual list).

NOTE: Allow 24-48 hours to process. You need to always check with your CRM software before uploading rented email data.