We use the expression e-mail appending to define the process by which we match and add e-mail addresses to a file.

E-mail addresses are not readily available on most mailing lists; however they can be appended to your customer file so you can keep in touch with them on an on-going basis. Think CRM. Studies continue to show that e-mail is invaluable in maintaining customer relationships.

We match your names & addresses to a multi-sourced, permission-based (opt-in) CAN-SPAM compliant database. Our reference file provides you access to over 3 billion e-mails to attain the best match.

Typically, e-mail addresses can be located for 15% – 25% of a Consumer list. That means if you had a list of 50,000 consumers (homeowners, pool owners, families with children), we’d be able to provide you with e-mail addresses on about 7,500 – 12,500 of the records.

The minimum charge for e-mail appending is 10 cents per name with a $250.00 minimum cost (which is above the cost of the actual list).

NOTE: Allow 24-48 hours to process. Always check with your CRM software before uploading rented email data.