Millennials and Direct Mail

January 13th, 2020 by

The topic of Millennials and direct mail continues to get a lot of attention from marketers and brand advertisers. The fact is that many Millennials are influenced by direct mail.  In many cases, many prefer it over other communication or marketing channels.

Here are 10 statistics about Millennials and direct mail. You should consider these when you put together your marketing strategy.

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  1. 75% of Millennials find that the mail they receive is valuable.  It’s not just about the coupons and discounts. Millennials like learning about the things that can benefit them. For example, the banking and finance industries have succeeded with direct mail that provides them with solutions to face their financial future.
  2. 90% of Millennials said they would prefer postal delivery over email when receiving promotional items. Just think of how many emails they get. Way too much gets lost in that overflowing digital mailbox.
  3. 25% of Millennials consider reading their mail a leisure activity. It’s different than the USPS mail moment. This is more for the entertainment value. Personalize. Make them feel special.
  4. 63% of Millennials who responded to a direct mail piece within the past three months made a purchase.  Direct mail is the top marketing medium that starts the purchase journey.
  5. 92% of Millennials are influenced by direct mail to make purchase decision as opposed to 78% influenced by email.

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  1. 82% of Millennials read direct mail from retail brands and more than half look forward to receiving hard-copy retail catalogs in the mail. Most of the time, they go on-line to make the actual purchase but the first step is perusing that catalog. C’mon, even Amazon mails out holiday catalogs.
  2. 73% of Millennials use direct mail coupons when making purchases. This is especially true for restaurant offers, auto maintenance & repair. Think Bed, Bath & Beyond. By the way, Millennial new movers use coupons more than any other millennial segment.
  3. 90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable. It’s the power of the printed word.
  4. Those ages 18 to 21 read mailings immediately 62% of the time.  Remember, they get less mail than any other age segment. What they do get is important to them.
  5. 80% of Millennials want brands to entertain them. That means marketers need to make their direct mail entertaining. Consequently, advertisers need to be smart about their mail pieces and use some of the newest technology. Some of the new trends include near field/AI options and using QR codes to take readers on a stimulating visual experience. You should also consider unique folds, bright colors and lots of personalization.