Spring Clean Your Database

April 3rd, 2017 by

When the flowers start to bloom you know it’s time to spring clean your database.

Your database is a big asset to your business. The data needs to be accurate and you need to insure that you have the right information to reach your customers and prospects through the channels that best resonate with them.

We remind our customers each Spring to review their databases and get them back in shape. You need to mark spring clean your database on your calendar in the same way you need to clean out the dust bunnies under the bed and the leaves clogging your gutters.

This year, I want to remind you to add another field into your database record – and that’s preferred marketing channel.

We all know that different people respond differently to different marketing channels. Your job is to make sure the information in your database includes complete addresses, correct phone numbers, accurate email addresses and notations that include the best channel for the “touch”.

Your Customer List:

 Since your customer list is one of your company’s biggest assets, I recommend you contact them by phone. If you don’t have the time, hire an intern and give them a script. Your customers will appreciate a friendly call from your office to check in with them, and verify/ update their information. Ask them how they want to be communicated with and notate that in their record. Believe me, you will find out lots of things about your own customers in addition to updating their record. You will also have a chance to upsell/cross sell them at the same time.

When you simply can’t reach all your customers by phone, you need to use today’s technology to spring clean your database.


Start with Your List Hygiene  

Have your entire database run through NCOA (National Change of Address) to verify, standardize and correct addresses. Since direct mail is one of the anchors of your marketing strategy, every wrong address wastes postage money from your marketing budget.

A simple NCOA process starts at $250.00 and takes 2 days to complete. Definitely worth the price.

 Phone Appending/Scrubbing

Make sure your telephone numbers are correct and all of your prospect lists have been run against the most up-to-date DoNotCall. There are different rulings for when you contact your customers by phone vs calling prospects. Consult the TCPA ruling if you have questions on who you can call by phone.

A simple DNC telephone scrub process starts at $100.00. Again, definitely worth the price.

Email Appending

Imagine all the wonderful communication your client/prospects are missing if you’re emailing to the wrong addresses. Because of the cost and quirks of email appending, I have different recommendations for you, depending on the size of your database and whether this is for customers or prospects.

Remember when I said quirks of email appending. There are different ways to match email addresses. You absolutely want a complete match – which means you are matching to first name/last name/address. Do not “fall for” household matches” just to get the numbers up, you might be getting a child or other family member’s email address and you do not want that.

The cost for Email appending starts at $200

Email Address Verification

Keep your email list pristine and avoid typos, fictitious and temporary email accounts that could severely impact your deliverability and reputation with your ISP with these fast, efficient service.

Moving your marketing program towards omni-channel is one of the opportunities you have when you spring clean your database