It’s a crucial number to stay on top of this.  That’s because mail servers will often check your Sender Score before deciding what to do with your emails. The lower your Sender Score, the harder time you’ll have getting into someone’s inbox. There are plenty of things that can impact the deliverability of your email. Return Path reports that 83% of the time an email is not delivered to an inbox, it is due to a poor sender reputation.

This is why you need to update and maintain your lists validating emails on a quarterly basis.

Real Time Email Address Verification

Dataman Group offers real-time email address verification with quick turnaround time. Average turnaround is 1 hour. By the way, we take this seriously! Because of this, before we provide a list with email addresses to our clients, we send the list to a third party for email address verification.

Please contact your account rep for additional information.

BTW – there are resources in the marketplace, like Neverbounce, that offer free email check/verification for “one offs”. This means you can input an email address into their system to see if it’s accurate.