List Hygiene helps you  maximize the potential of your database and, therefore, your marketing response.  Leverage your current database and save money. What a great idea.

Dataman Group’s List Hygiene Service gives you the chance to clean and update your customer list, easily, quickly and inexpensively using our customized NCOA program.

“Every year approximately forty million Americans move their place of residence and/or business, but their old addresses often remain in mailer’s databases. As a result, mailings continue to go to old addresses and not the new ones. It is estimated that at least 8% of all mail is undeliverable because of incorrect addresses. This means lost opportunities, lost sales, and wasted money” (USPS – Movers Guide)

We can take your house list and run it through the National Change of Address (NCOA) and provide you with an updated version, complete with the new addresses – and carrying over whatever information you had associated with the record.

This turn-key solution was designed to make your life a breeze.

Pricing: NCOA service – up to 5,000 records………$150.00 + $25 formatting/edt.

All you need to provide is your customer list: First name, last name, street address, apt , city, state, zip, zip+4

And we will do the rest!