Amazon’s Omni-Channel Catalog

November 8th, 2019 by

Amazon’s omni-channel catalog incorporates more marketing channels into it’s outreach than any other catalog I’ve ever seen.

Amazon just mailed its’ 2019 Amazon Holiday Catalog to millions of households in the U.S. This is a new edition of the 70 page catalog which had a very successful 2018 season.

Like last year, many of the featured toys in the “Ultimate Wish List for Kids” catalog come with a QR code which allows consumers to scan and bring up links of the products. Of course, this is not just any QR code. Amazon calls their QR code a “smile code”. It even features the Amazon branded smile.

There’s also a Holiday Wishlist. This is where kids are can write down the toys they want for Christmas and Hanukkah. Plus, there is a page of stickers that kids can play with. These items really engage their audience. And make it hard for parents to ignore what their children are asking for.

Not only that. From a direct marketing perspective, this catalog hits all the bells and whistles.

Multiple Marketing Channels

Amazon’s catalog offers an omni-channel experience, by enabling consumers to receive the message via multiple marketing channels, including direct mail, digital, and social. Then, within the catalog, the branded QR codes drive consumers directly to the Amazon website. And, if you don’t have an app that works with the Amazon smile code, you can use the camera on your phone, take a picture of the item in the catalog and it will take you to that item.  Amazon calls this Style Snap.

There is also a video component that ties into Prime Video. This way you can see videos for some of the licensed toys sold in the catalog. This also reinforces the value of that Amazon Prime membership. Wow, another score for Amazon’s omni-channel catalog.

It gets even crazier. Consumers can even ask Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, about the toys in the catalog. This adds yet another channel into the marketing mix.

The catalog is a real winner. It really involves the readers, gaining their attention when they’re in their own home and relaxed. It’s taken them a while, but the folks at Amazon have realized what many other retail brands have known for years. Print engages the reader and gains their full attention. Consequently, this increases customer loyalty and, more importantly, sales.

Yes, Catalogs Work!

Bottom line, catalogs work. Besides being a permanent reminder of a brand in the home, catalogs are a proven way to drive sales. According to a Royal Mail MarketReach report, 52% of people bought more than they planned when shopping with a printed catalog. A print catalog is also a convenient way to show customers a range of products, as well as giving them important details about those products. Similarly, in the same report, 63% of people say it’s easier to browse through products in a catalog, rather than in-store or online.

End result – the new Amazon 2019 Ultimate Wish List for Kids catalog provides the definitive opportunity for consumers to buy. It is also the ultimate omni-channel catalog experience.