Why Businesses Still Use Direct Mail to Drive Lead Generation

January 25th, 2024 by

There is tremendous value in Direct Mail. Done correctly, postcards and mailers will get you into the right consumer hands day after day.

85% of businesses who utilize direct mail use it for lead generation. These marketers say unequivocally that direct mail helps them generate leads and sales and drive traffic to their websites.

I am reprinting this article by Ray Shultz that appeared in Media Post News. You know I am a numbers kind of gal and believe that data tells the story.  So, here you go.

Brands have many channels to choose from. But there is one channel that stands out in this age of generative AI.

Print. Direct mail. Marketing mail.

Marketers say direct mail helps them:

  • Improve their company’s brand and image — 84%
  • Drive leads for their business — 85%
  • Generate brand awareness for their business — 87%

Moreover, marketers believe direct mail can help them drive lead generation:

  • Increase brand awareness — 65%
  • Generate leads and sales — 57%
  • Drive traffic to a website — 53%
  • Convey detailed information about products/services — 39%
  • Drive more foot traffic to physical locations — 36%
  • Complement online marketing efforts — 32%
  • Improve overall marketing ROI — 32%

Some Prefer Digital Channels

Of the respondents, 48% simply prefer digital marketing channels.

Moreover, 29% cite lack of budget for printed marketing campaign materials, while 25% are uncertain about the effectiveness of printed materials.

They also cite:

  • High list, printing and mail production costs — 46%
  • Difficulty in tracking and measuring ROI — 34%
  • Difficulty in targeting specific audience segments — 34%
  • Distribution logistics and costs — 32%
  • Limited reach compared to digital marketing channels — 28%
  • Design and content-creation complexity — 17%
  • Implementing direct mail into my overall strategy — 11%
  • Lack of experience in direct mail use and buying — 8%

How do they measure it?

  • Sales revenue generated —52%
  • Increase in website/store traffic — 48%
  • Increase or inquiries or quote requests — 45%
  • Customer feedback or surveys — 38%
  • Growth in qualified leads — 37%

Ascend2 surveyed 441 marketing and sales decision-makers during the month of August 2023.

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