Savings on Informed Delivery Program

August 28th, 2019 by

This Informed Delivery Program runs from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30.  Non-profits should especially be taking advantage of this offer.

When you use this program of Informed Delivery, it will send an email to people with a color picture of your mail piece to let them know what is coming in their mail box that day.

You can even provide a clickable link so that people can RSVP right then.

This is great for non-profits who want to have a presence in multiple marketing channels. It offers you an extra touch I terms of visibility and branding.

Each of the 2019 USPS promotions provides a 2% postage discount at the time of mailing.

If you want to take advantage of this promotion, you are required to register to participate and report after the mailing is complete.

From a Business perspective

Anytime you can maximize your outreach via multiple marketing channels, it’s a p lus. Countless studies have shown that when a customer sees your message in different ways, it increases your importance.

For visibility and branding, Informed Delivery gives you a chance to incorporate digital with direct mail. When you combine on-line with off-line, it gives your message more teeth.

Wouldn’t it be great if people actually clicked on the digital image of your mail piece? After all, isn’t your goal is to get them to your website?

This informed delivery program is totally worth the savings and the branding opportunity.

A little bit about Informed Delivery from the Consumer POV

Informed Delivery lets you preview the front exterior of incoming mail on your computer or phone. You can also track packages and leave delivery instructions for those packages.

First, you need to sign up for the service. Next the USPS verifies your address.  Once you’re account is set up, you will receive a daily email from the USPS. This email will contain up to ten images of the front of any letters that are on their way. If you’ve got more than ten pieces of mail coming, you can see them all using the online dashboard. You’ll also get a list of packages, along with their tracking numbers.

Some of the digital images are clickable. In other words you can click on them and be directed right to the website or order portal.

Are you Registered?

If you are not currently registered for Informed Delivery, I strongly suggest you sign up so you can see what this is all about.  Click HERE to sign up.