New Homeowners and Smart Decisions

October 26th, 2021 by

New Homeowners need to make smart decisions when they move into their new homes. Of course, the first smart decision was buying a home – right?

Nothing quite matches having a place to finally call your own. For a first-time new homeowner, this is the chance to create the home and lifestyle they’ve always imagined.

But – many new homeowners get caught up in the excitement of wanting to do Everything at once. And I mean Everything with a capital “E”.

This is an easy way to make a lot of mistakes. And, mistakes can become complicated and costly to rectify. After all, you just moved in – are you really sure what color paint you need?

The fact is that many things a new homeowner thinks they need right away, can be put off until the basics are under control.

Here are some of the essentials new homeowners need to consider to make sure they make smart decisions about their new homes. After all, they want to be able to settle into their new home stress-free.

That also means that businesses who work with new homeowners need to be aware of these things as well.

Home maintenance, safety & security.

New Homeowners need to make sure their home and family are safe and secure in their new home. If you bought your home “as is” from the seller, make sure all the structural issues are inspected and corrected. These include things like leaks in the roof or the basement. You want to handle those kinds of things right away.

Take your own safety assessment. I think this is one of the smartest decisions that new homeowners can make.  Do you have a security alarm and is it monitored? What about the Smoke Detector? Do you have window coverings that allow for privacy?  If you have a swimming pool, it your yard fenced? If you have a swimming pool and children, is the pool fenced?

Consider a home warranty.

A home warranty will cover most appliances and system malfunctions. This allows you to replace an item or receive a certain amount toward the price of replacing it. A good appliance warranty can save you a lot of money on anything from a faulty microwave to your HVAC system. There are lots of different warranty policies out there – make sure you understand what you’re buying.

Assess your outside needs.

Are you handy? (I’m not) Ask your Neighbors who they use for lawn care, pest control and swimming pool maintenance. These things have to get done and if you can’t do them yourself, you will need to find the right services people to handle your needs. BTW – If you want to do things yourself, here is a list of how you can prevent pests from entering and taking over your new

How’s the water in your new home?

Have you had it tested? Many areas of the country have questionable water. This is not just about taste or clarity, but the chemicals that may be in the area. Check to see if there is rust – you may need a water softener.

Buying furniture.

Once you have settled into your new home and get a feel for it, then it’s time to consider furniture. Don’t rush this. Sure, furniture stores offer lots of buy now/pay later deals and nothing is more tempting than filling up your new home with lots of new furniture. But a little patience here is helpful.

Find local professionals.

Chances are that you will need new doctors, accountants, a new house of worship. Schools, after-school care, camp. Insurance, auto service. Restaurants. This list goes on. This is a time to build new relationships with the professionals, retail stores and services in your new area. Many neighborhoods post lists of local businesses you can patronize. Or, you can look into  a site like Angie’s list. Check out their reviews.

Bottom line is that new homeowners have to make smart decisions about the purchases they make in their new home. There is nothing worse that over-spending and getting yourself into a situation where you are overextended.