At Dataman Group, we offer well-designed prospect lists that help Roofing companies generate solid LEADs.

For Roofers looking to generate new residential customers leads, we use finely targeted property owner data. These homeowner lists can be overlaid with home year built, roof type and modeled credit score. Those roofers who are looking for commercial prospects, can use our commercial property file. And, for those roofers looking for property management companies, our business list can pinpoint those businesses you need.

Roofers should never spend their precious marketing dollars reaching out to people who aren’t real prospects. Newspapers, ADVO, radio + TV don’t give you the bang for your buck. You need to reach out only those those Homeowners or Businesses in your specific market area who can use your services.

There are over 18 million homes in the US, over 20 years old, with asphalt shingle/composite roofs.  You can target them. 

Direct marketing to the absolute best prospects is the most cost-effective way to sell new roofs. We call the 2019  marketing strategy “omni-channel“. An omni-channel marketing strategy refers to the concept of providing a seamless user experience across all channels relevant to the buyer’s journey. The term emphasizes a shift in the way people progress through the marketing funnel. Basically, it means that consumers look at messages in different ways and all the message need to jive. Mail, phone, email, Facebook advertising are just some of the portals.

Your job is to target your best prospects and reach out to them in a variety of ways. Repetition counts and the key is repeating your message using multiple marketing channels.

Most importantly, direct mail and telemarketing continue to be two of the top methods used by the Roofing Industry to generate qualified leads.

Top Databases for Roofing Companies:

  • Homeowners Realty File  – You can target bonafide Homeowner prospects by very specific selection criteria. Options include home value, year built, roofing type, plus homeowner age & household income. For example, Roofers can select single family homes with asphalt shingle/composite roofs. Then, we can overlay actual age of the home (15+ years old), with home values of $200,000+up.
  • National Consumer Database  –  You can mix and match a variety of Homeowner selects using this multi-sourced database. Choose homeowners with single family homes, by age, household income, length of residence with scrubbed telephone #s.  As a result, this list is the Roofer’s Choice for Storm Leads.
  • Modeled Credit Score lists – Tired of reaching prospects who are turned down for poor credit? Because of that, our Homeowner mailing lists with Modeled credit scores is just what you’re looking for. Homeowner age and income are also available selects on this unique file.
  • Commercial Property Owners – For the Roofer who handles commercial properties.  Owners of free standing buildings is a top select.
  • Property Management companies – homeowner and condo associations are also excellent prospects.

All of our lists can be uploaded to on-line postcard print/fulfillment sites in seconds.  Even if you are using an easy-to-use print & mail program, you will want to get the list from us. We are the experts. Therefore, you are assured that you are using the best list for your specific needs.

Timing is Everything

The housing market is hot right now. With interest rates going down and millennials aging up, more people are flooding the housing market. Because of this, there will be greater competition in the roofing market. Buyers are insisting on quality roofs. Consequently, sellers have to provide it to them.

An article in Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 said that a new roof can add $14,000 to a home’s value. Sellers will also want to add the extra curb appeal  a new roof will give them. Therefore,  replacing the roof should be a high priority on a homeowner’s list.

The survey also revealed another important fact. Homeowners who have new roofing installed can expect to recover an average of 62.9% of the installation cost through increased home value. This goes to show that a new roof is a worthwhile investment.

Chasing Hailstorms or Hurricanes?

You need to be prepared. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when. Consequently, roofers should keep pre-printed postcards available for emergency situations. For example, every year a big storm or two will hit your area. You need to be able to mail to the affected area quickly and efficiently. If you give us a very detailed description of your catchment area, we can create a list of homes in that area. This way, you can mail to everyone in the specific area the minute you need to. Why let your prospects click on the first Google ad they see? If you reach out to them, you will get a response.

Download Our White Paper about Leads for Roofing Companies: Direct Marketing for Roofers

Setting appointments by phone?

Scrubbed telephone #s are available for approximately 13% of our total Homeowner file. You can customize your Homeowner list by home value, home owner age and household income. By the way, you can call with confidence! All our phone lists are scrubbed against the Federal, State, and DMA Do Not Call lists. Ask us about Cell Phone Numbers.

In addition to providing lists dedicated to the Roofing Industry, we work with other Home Improvement segments: