New Homeowners Are Great Prospects

New Homeowners have always been a top group of lists for Security System dealers. That’s because they are generally new to the area and want to protect their new investments. New Homeowner data is updated on a weekly basis and marketers can select New Homeowners by the type of dwelling (SFDU vs Condo) as well as the sale price of the home.

Homeowners Are The Key To Your Success

Dataman Group’s ability to segment Confirmed Homeowners can make the difference between a successful direct marketing program and a failure. Many Security Alarm companies outreach to Single Female Homeowners or Homeowners with young children.

Let’s face it, with the high cost of postage, printing and labor, it’s vital to select the best possible prospect groups for your needs…and we’ve got them!

National Consumer Database

Our National Consumer Database helps you select the best Confirmed Homeowner households in your market area.

The NCDB is updated 65 times each year from a variety of sources including the New Homeowners, census tract information, directory assistance listings, tax assessor files, age data, direct mail purchases & magazine subscriptions, plus hundreds of pieces of data.

This wealth of information allows you to select your best prospects by their home characteristics such as dwelling type, home value and purchase data and combine that with demographic information such as age, income and presence of children.

Monthly New Parents Lists

Many companies are subscribing to our monthly hot-line New Baby list. Parents of New Babies are very concerned about the safety of their children. These families are great prospects. Plus we offer lists of Pre-Natal families as well

Behavior Bank Lifestyle Lists

Millions of individuals have filled out surveys indicating that they are security conscious. This may be another option for yo


Call the office today at (800) 771-3282 and let us explain how we can help you get new lists for security system dealerships. It’s one of the best investments in your business you can make!