On-Going Hotline Lists

You can sign up for an on-going, non-duplicating New Homeowner program. Or, you can order a “backlist”- selecting New Homeowners in your market area by date. For example, many customers select the past 12 months of New Homeowners in their areas. Then, they continue with our on-going New Homeowner service.

You can choose to receive your new homeowner lead lists on either a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the counts in your area. On our Weekly new homeowners service, the names average 3-5 days after deed filing. On our Monthly service, the new homeowner names average 30-45 days after deed filing. Just think of these new homeowner leads for water quality dealers as the low-hanging fruit in your lead generation basket.

And now, you can customize a fabulous postcard – with your company name, logo, message and offer – and, with a click of a button, have it mailed out. This way, you can connect with new homeowners on a continuing basis. Consistency is very important in New Homeowner marketing.

No Contracts

We’ve been working with Water Quality Dealers since 1982. We know our data works. If you use it, you will be successful with it. And, we don’t need to tie you into a contract.  I can tell you that you need to test your marketing piece and your offer to get it right.

Customize Your New Homeowner Leads List

  • Dwelling type: Single Family Home or condo
  • Sale Amount of residence
  • Telephone availability
  • New vs. Resale transactions
  • Mortgage Information

E-mailed to you within minutes

Weekly or monthly Hotline data is emailed to you each week. Standalone orders emailed to you within minutes. Let us know if you want your data specially formatted so you can print right onto Avery-style labels – or on your own lead sheets. Or sent to you in excel so you can upload right into the postcard portal and get your mailing out to the new homeowners each week.


On-going New Homeowner contracts begin at $45.00 per week for weekly service and $75.00 per month for our monthly service. Individual lists begin at $175.00 for 500 names. Shipping & output is additional.

We will be happy to run counts for you in your market area with your specific requirements.

Read Data Dale’s article, Home Sweet Home, printed in Water Quality Products March 2020 issue.

Note: Consumers who have listed themselves with the Federal Do Not Call Registry, the Direct Marketing Association Do Not Call list, or any of the other individual state Do Not Call lists, are flagged and omitted from the homeowner lists, allowing your clients to respect the privacy of consumers who have requested it.