Maximize Engagement across the Media Channels

October 31st, 2017 by

Marketers need to maximize engagement across direct mail, email, telemarketing and social media if they want to increase their response rates. These tips will help chart the way

  • Select a targeted mailing list that enables you to reach out to the same prospects through multiple marketing channels. Direct mail is the conduit that can reach everyone on your list. Think of the other channels as strong supporting cast members.
  • Personalize. All marketers agree that personalization is the key to gaining loyal customers and boosting revenue
  • Deliver a consistent message across all the different communication channels to maximize engagement. People need to see consistency.
  • Create opportunities to move from channel to channel to maximize engagement. For example, use a QR code in your direct mail to lead a prospect to your website. Or match your list to Facebook to increase your outreach. The more ways a customer or prospect can connect with you, the better.
  • Create the per Offer for your campaign. Make sure it has value.
  • Test different response mechanisms so people can respond to your offer the way they want. The old adage “different strokes for different folks” applies. Some people like to call, others want to email, others prefer to text.