Top 7 Direct Response Mechanisms for 2018

January 15th, 2018 by

dataman group qr code - top direct response mechanismsTo be successful in any direct response campaign, you need to use the right response vehicle. When you make it easy for people to respond in the way they prefer, you get more responses. Here are the Top 7 Direct Response Mechanisms for 2018

  1. Phone— Provide a phone number for people to call. If you are able, use a special number to track your responses, if not, give them a response code that they will need to provide when they call in.
  2. Personalized QR Codes – you can create special QR codes for each campaign to help drive responders to a special landing page on your website….Take a look at our latest personalized QR Code and let me know what you think!
  3. Website — Create a special landing page just for the campaign. You can track who has looked at it, as well as who actually filled out the form.
  4. Mail – BREs still work for certain offers.
  5. Email — Provide an email address that they can respond to and not something generic like “office@”. Use a real name for best results. People still want to communicate with people.
  6. Text — Allow people to text to respond by providing a text short code.
  7. Come In — If you have a brick & mortar location, give people the option to come in and see you. Make sure you provide a street address and google map icon for their convenience.

Needless to say, when you are calculating your bottom line results, the key is testing to see which one works best for your particular campaign.