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September 16th, 2020 by


Marketing Solar power is not a novelty anymore. In fact, The Pew Research Center survey finds a growing share of homeowners are considering solar panels for home use. As of mid-2019, just 6% of U.S. homeowners say they have already installed solar panels at home.

That means there is a lot of opportunity for businesses that sell solar power. According to the report, 46% of homeowners say they have given serious thought to adding solar panels at their home in the past year.

As I said earlier, marketing solar power is not a novelty anymore. When a product becomes more accepted, that means you can sell it more easily.

A recent article in Bloomberg suggested that Solar Panels are the next granite countertops: an amenity for homes that’s becoming a standard option for buyers in U.S. markets.

At least six of 10 largest U.S. homebuilders led by KB Home who operates in CA,NV, TX and CO include solar paneling in new construction. Other solar companies are finding increased business in Remodels.

Homebuilders in California and the expensive-energy states have moved to going solar as a standard. They will just be incorporating it into the cost of the house like any other feature.

Solar companies generate leads by Showing Value

Selling solar to the consumer is the value in the process. This is because they can put that in their mortgage or refinance. “You embed it into your home mortgage, you’re cash flow positive month one.” Tom Werner, CEO of San Jose, California-based SunPower explained.

Think back a few years ago when home buyers decided to pay $5,000 or $10,000 for a kitchen countertop that would be from natural materials and would outlast a Formica-style top.

“You’re going to see a transition from solar power as novelty, similar to what granite countertops were, to a mainstream option.” Werner said in an interview. “We’re rapidly passing the equivalent of a ‘countertops decision’ to a ‘no-brainer.’ You just do it.”

That means that marketing solar power has moved solidly into the mainstream.

Direct Mail & Telemarketing

According to the Pew Report, homeowners point to a variety of reasons for considering solar panels. A large majority of homeowners who have already installed or have given serious thought to installing solar panels say they want to help the environment (87%).

Direct mail, targeting the right homeowners, provides Solar companies with top prospects. The top mailing list segments are: Affluent Homeowners, Eco-conscious Homeowners, Homeowners with large energy bills, and New Homeowners.

Mailers can also overlay credit-worthiness to insure that they will reach Home owners who can afford to buy a system.

Many solar power companies also use telemarketing to generate their leads. For those marketers, we offer both landline and cell phone lists.

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