Modeled credit score lists for home improvement companies

Home improvement companies tired of wasting their marketing dollars on mediocre prospects should consider Dataman Group’s modeled credit score lists.

We use an overlay called the Consumerview Profitability Score to determine modeled credit score. The ConsumerView Profitability File let’s marketers target by household, not zip or zip+4.  Plus, you can apply specific demographics and property characteristics to qualify your prospects. You can select Homeowner age, income, current Home Value and home age on this unique file.

  • Want homeowners with  a modeled score of 720+?  This list lets you find them.
  • Want to eliminate homeowners with high risk? This list lets us omit them.

Don’t confuse Modeled Credit Score lists with Pre-screened Data

Many companies confuse pre-screened credit list with modeled credit score data.  Let’s compare the two options:

Prescreened lists provide a great way to target prospects by actual credit score. Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are the top players for pre-screen list. They are designed for loan acquisition. Therefore, if your company is offering the loan, you may be able to use that kind of list.

However, prescreened lists don’t come without their shortcomings. First, they can often be expensive and require extensive red tape to get set up. And, this is before you can rent lists or to get your mail pieces approved. Second, some companies are just simply not qualified to receive prescreen data. Third, there is required legal language that must be printed on your mail piece. This can eat up valuable real estate on a mailer. Finally, it also requires you to make a firm offer of credit.

Most home improvement companies cannot use pre-screened lists. This is because they do not meet the stringent requirements set forth by the credit companies. As a result, we have created this targeted list, specifically designed for the home improvement industry. For that reason, you do not need to make a firm offer of credit with this list. Our modeled credit score lists for home improvement companies is a solid database for lead generation. It can yield great leads for your sales pipeline.

And, I saved the best news for last. These lists are less expensive, larger in quantity – and, you can request telephone #s.

Benefits of Modeled Credit Score Data

  • The costs are comparatively less expensive
  • It’s easier to acquire this list of credit worthy people
  • No firm offer of credit is required
  • Ability to overlay demographics, home data
  • Telephone #s are available

Do you want to read more about the way our Modeled Credit Score lists are created?  Click HERE

If you are selling a solar install, a remodel, a new water system, replacement windows or a new roof, this is the list for you!

Dataman Group’s modeled credit score lists for home improvement companies is a unique file. This list let’s you target credit-worthy households who can afford your company’s services.